Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction

Are you seeking healing from sexual promiscuity?

Understand what Sexual Promiscuity really is… the practice or compulsion of making casual and indiscriminate choices in sexual behavior and fulfillment, avoiding the true intimacy of a monogamous relationship. Promiscuity is often characterized as an Intimacy Disorder.
Do you really have to tell someone about your problem with Promiscuity? The answer is YES. True lasting recovery must involve a Faith Based or professional counselor trained and experienced in intimacy disorders. Read "Going it Alone"
Why am I promiscuous? The answer may be complex but it is often the result of unresolved emotional wounds. Read "Beneath the Surface of our Behavior". (The Iceberg Method of Understanding Intimacy Disorder)
Before selecting one of the faith based or professional counselors shown below, read "The Importance of Counseling" & "Guidelines for Selecting a Counselor".

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"Left untreated, emotional wounds fester, leading to pain worse than the original wound. Paradoxically, until the painful consequences of our reactive behavior feels worse than the emotional pain we're trying to medicate, we will continue to engage in harmful behaviors such as Promiscuity"

"What would our lives look like if we allowed every lustful thought, compulsive urge, or lonely ache to drive our behaviors?"

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