Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction

Are you seeking healing from sexual abuse?

Understand that you are not alone. Read "The Truth About Sex Abuse"
Accept that what happened to you was not your fault. Be assured that you can be free of the feeling of shame and guilt. Read "On The Road To a Place Called Freedom"
Complete healing for you involves forgiving the abuser. Read "How can I get on with life despite past abuse?"
Embrace the truth that you matter to God and were made in His image and likeness. What you experienced has not changed that.
Before selecting one of the faith based or professional counselors shown below, read "The Importance of Counseling" & "Guidelines for Selecting a Counselor".

Make the call!

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Who is sexually abused?
1 out of 4 girls and
1 out of 6 boys
before the age of 18

"Two-thirds of all substance abusers are sexual abuse survivors"

"Knowing that you need help is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wisdom and strength"

"It is important to have an experienced counselor walk with you on your journey to healing"

Citizen's for Community Values of Indiana