Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction

Are you struggling with same sex attraction?

Understand that you have the power to change and there is compassionate help available. There are thousands of former homosexuals who are now free of same sex attractions. Read "Why The Same-Sex Attracted Seek Change".
"Why do I have these feelings? Where did they come from?" Read "Root Causes" A professional counselor can help you find out, by exploring the origins of these feelings in the context of who you really are. You are far more than a sexual identity! (If you have been sexually abused, click here for help. Many individuals experience same sex sexual abuse and molestation.)
Embrace the truth that "In Christ you are a new creation." All things are new and the old are passed away. Accept God's forgiveness for your sexual sins. Seek help from the Holy Spirit and respective therapists to remain sexually pure in the future.
Before selecting one of the faith based or professional counselors shown below, read "The Importance of Counseling" & "Guidelines for Selecting a Counselor".

Make the call!

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Many ex-gays have clearly demonstrated that Change is possible…

"There is no evidence showing the origins of same-sex attractions are genetic."

"No one should identify themselves based on sexual feelings alone. There is more to your identity than sexual attractions."

Top seven reasons for those seeking change:

  1. To resolve emotional pain
  2. Personal Spirituality
  3. Desire for own children
  4. Religious Teachings
  5. Desire for non-sensual same-sex relationships.
  6. Conscience
  7. Expectations of unhappiness in gay life-style.

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