Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction

Are you a concerned parent wanting to know how to protect your family?

Learn about the dangers to our children that are found on the internet and safe-guards you can implement. Click on "". Also, click on the following link and read this story about Shannon, a 13 year old girl who was so easily tracked down by an 'internet predator'. Internet Safety Story 34k PDF
Learn about how to protect your children beginning at an early age. Read "TWELVE WAYS TO GUARD YOUR CHILD'S HEART FROM PORNOGRAPHY"
If you know your child is currently attracted to internet pornography, it is important to understand how best approach the issue. Read "How to Confront Children Using Pornography". & "Advice for Parents of Teenage Porn Addicts"
Talk with your children about godly sexuality. Read "Healthy Childhood Sexual Development"
If you are undecided or unsure about how to protect your children from the dangers of the internet, do not hesitate to contact Citizens for Community Values at 574-247-9299.
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"The dangers of the Internet are real. Kids will be exposed to life-altering pornography or exposure to sexual predators, if parents do not take appropriate steps early."

"Children learn what they see and hear. Don't assume that your internet service is blocking inappropriate content. If you have not properly looked into and installed content filters, then you can assume your children are NOT PROTECTED!

Would you give your child access to an adult magazine or the chance to talk privately to a complete stranger?

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