Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction Helping Victims with Pornography Addiction

Congratulations on taking this important step!

If you really want to understand and overcome your habitual attraction to pornography, please know you cannot do it alone. Be comforted in knowing that there is confidential help available… you can be freed from the destructive lure of internet pornography.

"Understand the dangers and disappointments of internet pornography."
Do you really have to tell someone about your addiction? The answer is YES. True lasting recovery must involve a Faith Based or professional counselor trained and experienced in pornography addictions and intimacy disorders. Read "Going it Alone"
Why am I addicted to pornography? The answer may be complex but it is often the result of unresolved family trauma. Read "Family Trauma and Addictions" There are no 'perfect' families, but recognizing the traumatic past will be helpful going forward in your counseling and recovery.
Before selecting one of the faith based or professional counselors shown below, read "The Importance of Counseling" & "Guidelines for Selecting a Counselor".
Make the call!
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(Although this site does not recommend one treatment method over another, a healthy spiritual life is essential to long term recovery.)

“I never intended to become habitually attracted to internet pornography. I just clicked on that link and there it was… My life was instantly changed.”

“I thought I could stop anytime I wanted to, but I keep going back to see more and more.”

“It’s like a progressive, degenerative disease… eating away at me constantly.”

You are not alone:

40% of church-going men are addicted to internet Porn. and 1 out of 5 women.

You can be set free!

But you can’t do it alone.

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